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Tackle Shack wants you to know, whether it is trying the waters with a discover scuba program or the complete open water course.  The programs are designed to offer each student as much individualized training with their Instructor as possible. Class size never exceed six (6) students per class. Tackle Shack insists that the instruction be the most modern and proven training techniques, along with the best equipment available to ensure exposure to the most modern advances in diver training and equipment .



PADI eLearning Classes On-Line

PADI eLearning Classes | Tackle Shack | 800.537.6099

 PADI eLearning Classes | Tackle Shack | 800.537.6099 PADI eLearning Classes | Tackle Shack | 800.537.6099 PADI eLearning Classes | Tackle Shack | 800.537.6099 PADI eLearning Classes | Tackle Shack | 800.537.6099 PADI eLearning Classes | Tackle Shack | 800.537.6099   


Our classes meet on ...

  • Monday, Wednesday, and Friday rotation over two ( 2 ) weeks
  • Tuesday and Thursday for three (3 ) weeks
  • Confined water times are 6:00pm to 10:00pm


Note: Tackle Shack reminds you that the Instructors are acting as independent contractors and the arrangement  made between the student and the instructor is of a personal business agreement. 

 Imagine relaxing in the shade on a tropical island after a fantastic day of diving  or out in the gulf spear fishing for that great tasting dinner, maybe gliding effortlessly along an underwater wall snapping a picture of the dolphins as they swim past,  navigating through a shipwreck, or  an underwater cave system. Does any of this sound good? Tackle Shack would be glad to help make that a reality!

Open Water Program

 The Open Water Program is broken into two parts, the first part consist of five ( 5 ) academic reviews and confined water sessions, this portion of training utilizes home study, combined with instructor demonstrations, and collaborating water skills, these sessions allow students to practice real world diving skills, preparing them for the transition to an open water environment

The Second Part of the Open Water Program Is the four ( 4 ) open water dives. Two a day over a two day period, held in interesting dive locals. On each of the four dives a supervised skill session and a guided tour for pleasure are conducted. Upon satisfactory completion of the course work a scuba diving certification card is issued from an internationally recognized training agency.


The course price provide all the equipment necessary for the course and the dives Excluding Students Personal Gear.

Personal Gear consists of:

  • Mask
  • Fins
  • Snorkel
  • Bathing Suit (Wet Suit is recommended)
  • Towel
  • Boots

Open Water (Confined Water Portion) ... $300.00

Water Dives (All 4 for Completion) ... $250.00*

Referral Dives (4 needed for certification) ... $250.00*

** All courses can be arranged as private lessons. Hard Copies Of Books and Tables Available for Purchase .... DOES NOT INCLUDE LAKE ENTRANCE /DIVE BOAT FEES





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